Change Track Tempo without changing MIDI Tempo?


I recently recorded a MIDI piece with my keyboard. I recorded it with the tempo of the project set to 120 BPM, but the recorded piece is not played in 120 BPM… :unamused:

Is there any possible way to change the tempo of the project, without changing the tempo of my MIDI? I’ve tried to do different things but I just cannot find a way to overcome the problem. Obviously, I could rerecord, but it was an improvational piano piece, so then I’d have to learn it all first…

Any help is highly appreciated!

Put the tracks in Timebased mode and then change the tempo.


That’s correct, but the nomenclature is not. The name of the setting is Time Base, and its two possible parameter values are Linear or Musical.

Switch the track to “Linear Time Base” (manual p. 90), then adjust the tempo, then return the track to Musical Time Base. (though an improvised piece with tempo changes will probably require adjusting where the beats are. For that, use the Time Warp tool)

Thank you guys!