change version ID


very 101 simple function i can’t find :
how do you change a trackversion ID ?


You can’t assign IDs per se, but you can ‘Assign Common Version ID’ from the Project menu. (though that seems to belong in the right-click menu.)

thx that worked.
although it’s sad you can’t control this. it seems that this function select the higher ID and assign all the others to that one…

I thiink the idea is that the user doesn’t (shouldn’t!) keep track of the track IDs because the program will keep creating new ID numbers every time you manipulate a version- it would be too hard for mortals.

yeah but a very simple thing i came to :
i work with 2 isntrument tracks and create several trackversions.
now i want to add a midi track to an external synth that matched the say trackversion ID#3
if i record this track from scratch it will not get anyID because there’s no track version yet.
if i duplicate previous tracks i end up with “virtual instruments” duplicated that i can’t assign to external MIDI outs.
so could be nice to be able to record that new midi track and call it’s trackversion ID#3 so it is linked to the 2 already set.

I think the what they intend for that scenario is that you record the new track and ‘Assign Common Version ID’ afterwards.

So you can

  • select one of the earlier tracks and
  • invoke ‘Select Tracks with Same Version ID’,
    now both old tracks will be selected
    – add the new MIDI track to the selection and
  • invoke ‘Assign Common Version ID’.