Change vertical staff distance for Organ change vertical space for dynamics

This is an organ system.

Start with

and change the space to Pedal to 12;

The hairpins (and other dynamics) move up with the Pedal.

They are ‘attached’ to LH so they should not move IMO. It seems like the Pedal is regarded as part of the Grand Staff setup. They don’t move for a ‘String’ setup.

Bug? The lack of a Pedal staff label also indicates that the ‘Organ’ setup needs attention for the next version.

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Not a bug, but an unfortunate result of the design, which is to center dynamics between staves in multi-staff instruments.

I would reduce the ideal distance between staves by at least a couple of spaces and let collision avoidance make room for the dynamics. Then your Pedal staff will be closer to the LH staff automatically and maybe you won’t have to go fiddling with vertical adjustments at all.

The organ with pedal (and any other similar instrument) should be accounted for in an ‘exception list’ in the dynamic placement algorithm.

There is no possibility (AFAIK) to set up an organ with pedals in Layout options. The Pedal is not regarded as a staff, it is part of the Grand staff and follows the values set under ‘Braced staff to braced staff’, which is incorrect.


I wish there was an independent setting for the Organ staves: Pedal to Manuals spacing.


I think it would be best solved if each staff had a setting where attached dynamics were to be placed by default, under or “middle”. An organ score with a grand staff spanning 3 staves would typically have “middle” at the two “normal” staves and under for the additional staff, in addition to the Pedal. Also, adding “middle” to
I think the Team could get good ideas by looking at how dynamics are handled in Amadeus which has perfected it IMO.