Change voice keyboard shortcut grayed out, but menu option still works?

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 10.50.11 AM
After pasting this note into this part from another part, it showed up as a default up-stem voice.

When I press “v” to change it to a different voice there is no response.

However, when I click the menu “next voice” it changes it to the stemless slash voice (which already exists in the part.

Is there a reason why the keyboard shortcut wouldn’t work in this specific case?

V won’t work if there isn’t already a second voice defined on that staff.
Shift-V will create a new voice and move the note(s) to it.

There is a second voice defined though: it has already a slash stemless as well as a regular up-stem

Ah, there is apparently a third voice, which must have been created when pasting in. I needed to be pressing V an extra time.

It would be nice if even while selected, a note would indicate which voice it’s currently in, so that while cycling through it can be correctly identified visually…I was getting no visual feedback so I thought nothing was happening.

My mistake for not reading carefully. Yes, I experimented a bit and found what you describe: With nothing else in the bar, switching between one regular voice and another shows no visible change. Not surprising. This is when others will tell us to turn on voice colors!

Voice colors are on, but when a note is selected, it appears orange no matter what voice you’re in!

I personally like the little popup that shows the voice symbol in Write mode, and I think it should be implemented when editing /cycling through voices too.
Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 11.12.01 AM

The status bar at the bottom shows which voice a note is in.