Change voice/stem direction of drums in a kit

Is it possible to change the voice/stem direction of one of the drums in a kit for certain measures but not the whole piece? For example, I usually have the floor tom with stems going up to differentiate from the kick, with stems going down. But now I’m working on a passage with floor and mid-tom, but no kick. It would be much easier to read if the floor tom were in a separate voice (with downward stems) from the mid-tom for this section. Is it possible? I’ve tried the normal Shift+v, v thing like I would do on pitched instruments, but it hasn’t done anything.

I would just choose the affected notes and use f to flip the stems.

The problem is that both toms are in one voice, so when they show up beamed to each other and sharing the same stem whenever they strike simultaneously. So if I use ‘f’ to flip, it flips both. What I’m hoping to accomplish is to separate them, because they are playing two different rhythms.

You might have to add a second (down-stem) instrument to your kit that’s on the floor tom line/space and then use this instrument in those measures.

Brilliant! That’s what I needed, thank you!

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Of course now I have two floor toms to flip through as I write the rest of the piece. Not the end of the world by any means, but it would be nice if there were a way to simply move the existing drum to a different voice for a few bars.

Doesn’t this work?


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That’s cool - I had no idea.

That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you!