Change volume automation in one go?

Is it possible to change an automation curve with a fixed amount of dB, so to avoid having to change every detail one by one.



Logical Editor

Project logical editor :mrgreen:

Or if just one track or sub track, then select the automation points you want to change, open the info line and either type in new value or use mouse wheel to change value. All selected automation points will change relative.

I usually just hold left mouse button and draw box around automation to change, then use the arrow in middle of box to make change. Quick n easy.

You can only do that in Cubase 6 :wink:

Oops! Bummer. Sorry, I just found it and didn’t know it was a new thing to 6. It does make things much easier. :slight_smile:

I adore the new controller and automation editing functions in Cubase 6 :slight_smile: