Change volume without changing waveform

I have tried multiple ways of changing the volume of a vocal track when the vocal parts are cut up, without it effecting the waveform itself. I am trying to even out the vocal volume before i start the Mastering process, anybody got any ideas please.

Change volume without changing waveform, either increase or decrease.

thanks for any ideas

You can leave the vocal as a whole file and use the Clip envelop to adjust which parts need to be adjusted


What about the VCA fader?

use the Clip envelope

Cheers for quick reply, are you referring to using the pencil tool to control volume peaks? in the waveform, I do use this to even out the volume level.

thank you

If i then use this Handle it changes the whole waveform


Currently, i am then resorting to using the Direct Offline Processing window with the Gain control which changes the WAVEFORM.


Hi, they wont allow me to control the individual levels of a cut vocal track, are they not for global editing

cheers, these?


Channel fader?