Change VST Transit username.

Hi Stey.

I would like to chance the username of my account on VST Transit.

How can I achieve it?

it’s not possible, sorry.

Is it official?

I do believe we customers have the right to change it for our own benefit. Especially us who works on music industry.
I simply changed mine business’s name and would like to reflect it inside VST Transit server.
I would kindly request it.


The name is unique and used to identify your files, projects, friends etc. It cannot technically be changed without loosing all of your information and files. You may delete your account and create a new one with another name.

It cannot technically be changed without loosing all of your information and files. You may delete your account and create a new one with another name.

I really don’t mind losing all information and files for now. I just started to use VST Transit anyway.

Hopeful this help me to change it

Thank you

You can send me a PM with your Transit username and I can try (but no promise).

Hi musicullum
I just done it. Thank you

Hi! I have the same problem. I wrote my username in a hurry and messed up. Not too much of a problem for me, but it would be nice to change that. Can I do it by deleting my VST account?

i can try on Monday. let me know your Transit username and what you want to change it to.

Hello. I know this is an older post, but I don’t see other mentions of the topic, and I would really like to change mine (I made it without realizing it, as I was sort of stumbling my way in). I’m not sure how to delete my VST Cloud account–could someone either help me with that, or perhaps change my VST Transit (which is the same as VST Connect, yes?) username?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • To use VST Connect or VST Transit, you will first log in with your mySteinberg account.
  • To use VST Transit, the first time you have created a Transit user name. This cannot be changed afterwards, because it is used in projects, friendships etc.
    If you just want to change that Transit user name, and you don’t mind loosing all of your cloud data (projects) and friendships, you can write me a PM with your user name and I can try. We can not change your mySteinberg account though, sorry.

We changed your name, glad that it works.

Hi musicullum,

I have the same problem, it’s posiible to change my username in VST Transit?



sorry for a very late reply - the forum notification kicks me out no matter what :frowning:
Anyway, if this is really vital for you (why?) and you have deleted all your projects, we can change your user name if you let me know your current one and which one you want to change to. Note this will kill all projects and friendships.

I want to change my username for VST Transit. It seems to have grabbed a username I used a long time ago for Steinberg forums. I don’t care if any VST Transit data id deleted, but not my history/puchases and license info at MySteinberg. How can I do this?

sent a PM.

Looks like you want to change your My Steinberg username. This is seperate from the VST Transit username, we cannot change that, sorry.

please change my vst transit account name from recstudio1 to :
thank you

You have 10 friends, as long as you have friends or are involved in any projects, your name cannot be changed.

How I can remove them?