Change VST Transit username.

I want to change my username for VST Transit. It seems to have grabbed a username I used a long time ago for Steinberg forums. I don’t care if any VST Transit data id deleted, but not my history/puchases and license info at MySteinberg. How can I do this?

sent a PM.

Looks like you want to change your My Steinberg username. This is seperate from the VST Transit username, we cannot change that, sorry.

please change my vst transit account name from recstudio1 to :
thank you

You have 10 friends, as long as you have friends or are involved in any projects, your name cannot be changed.

How I can remove them?

please remove all of them
I have not any friends
I just test with add some friends and I have not any project involved
please change my user name to:

there is no option to change your username. we can only do it manually and as an exception if you are not involved in any friendships and/or project memberships. To unfriend, activate the ‚people‘ icon to the right of each friend in the friends list.

Dear Sir, could you please change my VST Transit User name? I was using ThePanicRoomStudios. but, as It turn out, there is a company with the same name, stablished before me, and they asked me as a favor to stop using their brand

Would you be so kind to change it to Mr Melodyo ?

Thank you

This is close to impossible, if ever, it takes a lot of time on our end because we need to change the database, and trust me, we don’t have that kind of resources at the time beeing. Your name is used as a reference in projects, friendships, files and so forth.
You may ask again in 3 months or so when things have settled, sorry.

I want to buy and start using VST Connect Pro, but want to change my user name. I have never used VST Connect or VST Transit so I don’t have any projects related to those two features and I won’t lose any “friends” in that regard if I delete my Steinberg account and make a new one with a good username. If I delete my Steinberg account and start over with a new user name, won’t that also delete all my Steinberg software licensing information? Can’t users such as myself who find themselves in such a situation just create a new Steinberg account so we have two Steinberg accounts? Thank you

There is your mySteinberg account, but with VST Transit/VST Connect you have to provide a user name for that, so it’s a different account.
We cannot change your My Steinberg username at all. If you need to change your TVST Transit user name, you may drop me a PM with said username and what you want to change it to.

Hello musicullum. I have tried to see how VST Connect works and I’ve entered an username without knowing that it can’t be changed… Can you please help me with this? Thank you

If you haven’t used VST Transit yet, PM me your current user name and what you want to change it to.

Hello musicullum, I’m new in VST Transit and I made a mistake when entered the username. If it’s possible I’d like change it from wharche to warche otherwise I don’t care delete my Transit account because as I mentioned I’m new user so I don’t have projects neither friends added but I can’t see where is the option to accomplish the account erase. Thanks.

Sorry it took a while. Your username wharche has been changed to warche.

Dear Sir, could you please change my VST Transit User name?

iamhyoung -> jh.monotree

Thank you

punctuation mark (point) is not allowed. Also remember you must not have any projects or friendships.

is it possible jh_monotree?