Change .vstpreset Plugin Name?

Having just purchased a new SSL UC1, and looking at migrating all of my old SSL Channel Strip and Bus Comps to the new V2 versions, one thing that is mighty frustrating with Cubase own .vstpreset system is the fact that presets seem to be tied to the plugin name it was created with - which is mighty restrictive when it comes to my current scenario.

What I want to do does not seem unreasonable - save / copy settings from SSL Duende channel strip / or the later Native ‘V1’ channel strip, then load it in the new V2 channel strip.

I CAN do this using SSL’s own preset options within the plugin, but I’ve always used Cubase own presets, so all my Channel Strip settings are .vstpreset, and cannot be loaded into the new V2 plugin - or at least I have not found a way to do it yet!

Obviously using MediaBay, I can easily drag presets from the old plugin folders, to the new V2 plugin - but these do not show up as selectable (I assume because the plugin name does not match).

I might be missing something, so figured I’d see if anyone knows a workaround (aside from going back and trying to re-save all my presets using SSL’s own preset (which allows saving direct to filesystem as .xml)

I feel your pain. This has happened to me many times. Even if you manually edit the .vstpreset file with a text editor, Cubase won’t be able to recognize it afterwards, which is really frustrating. It would be nice if someone could create a simple external utility which allowed us to edit the .vstpreset and then save it preserving the format.

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