Changed instrumens, dynamics lost

I recently switch from Halion to Noteperformer to check it out.
Now that I change some instruments back the dynamic info
is lost and the instrument is played softly only.

Under Dorico → Play the instrument is send to 04 - HALion Sonic SE
Port 1 CH 13
The dynamics is there under “F” in the graphics.

From HAlion line 13 has the instrument. Under mix the
instrument is there (Bass Clarinet Combi). Both the sound and
the graphics on that line sounds/lock like soft while the written
dynamics varies from fff to p.
It seems like either Dorico is not sending the dynamics or HAL not
receving it.

What shall I do to get the dynamics back?

Playback Templates (and the expression maps they carry) deal with the way dynamics are handled for each instrument.

Did you change from HALion by choosing the NotePerformer Playback Template, or by manually changing the instruments in the right panel of Play mode? If you don’t want to have to spend time tweaking expression maps manually, changing the Playback Trmplate is the correct way to do it.

You say you changed some of the instruments back from NP to HALion. Did you change the expression maps for those instruments also?

No. Good Point.
I just tried to change Playback Template to HAL… but then lost
Noteperformer. But I shall dive into expression maps.
Thank You!

I Added HALion in VST instruments. And did not change Playback Template.

So now I changed back to Playback Template → HSSE+HSO(Pro) and got dynamics back but then NotePerformer is lost.
If I add NotePerformer I just have their start window cant use
NotePerformers instrument.

Two things seems a bit byggy to me.

  1. Editing in the Halion window the mouse is often off verticaly so mouse points a bit lower that the mouseicon.

  2. A few times when the audio have been lost I manage to get it back by pushing s(olo) button on output in Mixerwindow two times.

The NotePerformer playback template sets everything up for NotePerformer. The HSSE+HSO does the same for Halion. You are wanting a mix of the two.

Load the NotePerformer playback template. This will create a single instance of NP and set all the endpoints up for your instruments.

Load a new instance of Halion VST (Play->VST Instruments panel → +… choose Halion Sonic SE). It will appear as VST 03-Halion…

For each each instrument that you want Halion to play: point it to the 03-Halion VST (note the channel number that Dorico has assigned)

In the Halion interface, load the specific instruments you want into the requisite channels

Back in Dorico Play, click the cog on the 03-Halion VST and against each instrument you added, double click the ‘default’ Expression Map and select the right one for each instrument (one will be will be HSO Bass Clarinet)

Wow! That was not easy to figure out. Thank You!
Though I cant find Piano among the instruments in the expression map.

Tomorrow I will do some more tests but it seems to
work nice.

Two more things. Maybe it´s offtopic for this thread should reported somewhere else.
Under Windows 10 the graphic interface is buggy.
Clicking on Default sometimes opens a small window at an odd place on the window.
The other is as I mentioned before that the mouse pointer (in the HALion window) i sometimes above where it actually hits.

There’s a fix for that somewhere here, but I can’t remember what or where! It’s something along the lines of nudging a window or changing a zoom setting.

I think the Piano works with Default (some instrument must!)

I experience this too! Clicking anywhere in HALion is a bit of a trial and error process for me. I honestly don’t use HALion that often so it’s not a major issue for me, but I’ve just lived with this ever since I started using Dorico. A fix would be great!

I’ve never personally seen the problem with the HALion controls being offset myself, but it certainly occurs for a number of users. My hope is that this will be resolved in the next major version of Dorico by a combination of a new version of the VST audio engine and indeed a new version of HALion Sonic SE, but in the meantime it’s worth downloading and installing the latest HALion Sonic SE update (here), and trying to drag the HSSE window slightly to a new position, as I believe some users have found that repositioning the window on the display fixes the offset issue (temporarily).

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@dspreadbury I noticed that the Mac download section for HALion Sonic SE 3.4.30 says “10.14 · 10.15 · 11”. Do you know if there will be any problems if I install it on a Mac running MacOS 10.13.6?

Just narrowed the issue down a bit, at least for me anyway. The very first time I open HALion after opening a project, it opens correctly and the mouse pointer is accurate:

All subsequent times after the first, HALion opens with a border as below, and the mouse pointer is incorrect. I’m not sure why it has a border after the first time opening, but that seems to throw off the mouse positioning.

I don’t, I’m afraid, but my guess is that it will be OK. If it turns out not to be, we can walk you through replacing the newer version with the older one again.

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@Danielspreadbury Thanks. I’ll see how I go and let you know if I need to take up your kind offer of assistance. I probably won’t install the update straight away, and might even wait until I need to update from 10.13.6 to 10.14 or even 10.15, but it’s reassuring to know that help is there if needed.