Changed platforms and am lost!! PC to Mac Pro

I just purchased a new Mac Pro and it’s running Mountain Lion. I know nothing about Mac except that I use them at church for office stuff. I managed to install Cubase 7 from my orginal disc but I didn’t get the option to put content on the Sata Drive. Currently this unit is a dual 6 core 2.4, with 32 gigs of RAM. 512 SSD and (2) 7200rpm SATA drives. Strangest thing is I have none of the menu stuff I have had in Windows. All I have is cubase 7 but I cannot add tracks, or have transport controls, etc. No drop downs at all. Now don’t laugh, I telling you I have never ran Cubase on a Mac so I don’t know where to begin. I have a Behringer x32 and the MAC sees that, but cubase doesn’t and I don’t know where to look. After you get your laugh on…a little kind help would be appreciated. I changed becuase my dual quad core opteron based PC was choking so heavily with the behringer on firewire as well with my MAudio Delta 1010’s, I couldn’t get the X32 to connect with USB though Cubase saw the USB driver, that Cubase 7 wasn’t usable. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

(maybe this helps?) Menus are not in the windows in Mac OS, they are in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Though since you used Macs before I’d think you’d know that. If you really have no menubar and no access to all the myriad things you mentioned maybe the install went haywire, though it’s unlikely.

Maybe you could focus on getting a single function to work, like opening a file from the File menu and post back.

Okay. Becuase I was so PC minded, and didn’t know where to look for anything, after digging around, what I discovered is the Apple Store that put this computer together set the default screen setting to “auto detect” Which made the destop too big for the 60" monitors I use. Cubase as well as apple menus were out of view. When I discovered the scaling and the slider, I moved the slider to see what it did, and voila! There were the menus. I finally got the behringer X32 to work with firewire but not with usb, and still cannot figure out how to get my midiExpress to work. I can see it on the hardware but I cannot access it within cubase. Thanks for everyone that got a good laugh at my problem. if nothing else, a good laugh is always worth any trouble we ever get in. Does anyone know how to install a midiExpress on a Mac Pro. OS 10.8 Mountain Lion?