Changed project sample rate with some tracks frozen...UGH??!

Converted an older project from 44hz to 48hz, and didnt notice that some tracks were frozen.

It seems that they didnt convert or something, even though all of the audio parts in the Pool are now at 48hz.

Do I need to START OVER with the tracks unfrozen? Can I unfreeze these tracks and salvage what was already converted somehow? Any thoughts/ideas?

I would have thought I would have been prompted to unfreeze these tracks before starting the conversion :neutral_face:


Same issue here 7 years later :slight_smile:
However, probably the reason no replies have been posted is because all one has to do is unfreeze the track and it plays fine of course, as long as the instrument wasn’t originally unloaded at the time of freezing then presumably one has to find the instrument and settings again.