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I have a problem with one of my sounds which has (probably me!) changed horendously some months back…so nowt to do with CB13 update. It’s in Halion Sonic, Dark Planet>Synth Lead> Analogue. “Freedom Strikes”. the sound has changed awfully…can I get the original back? How?

I don’t believe its possible for you to have permanently changed a preset since they’re write protected. Here’s an example of Freedom Strikes with and without effects on the C5 key. Is this what your preset sounds like? Vocaroo | Online voice recorder

Yes that’s the one Freedom Strikes! But on playback of any song I’ve recorded or keyboarding in a new song it’s completely distorted! Hmmmmm…

That’s weird. Is it the only preset that seems to have that issue?

Yupp only this sound. It actually sounds like the midi events are doubled up and the secondary events are way out of key…and the sound changed. There are no hidden trax, and only 1 set of notes visible. I have tried unconnecting my Arturia Keylab 61, but it’s still the same!

ThanX BF

My oh my that sounds maaaaavelous!! :slight_smile:

So when I play the keyboard IN to Cubase the sound is distorted. And replaying or opening a new track it’s still distorted! So it seems something in my CBase is causing it or the sound has changed permanently!

Do you have the standalone version of Halion or Halion Sonic? Maybe check how it sounds in the standalone program if you have it. I’m not familiar with Cubase, but see how it sounds in a new project. :thinking: :thinking:

Finally cracked it…it was the bottom left knob “Tube Drive” was on at 12’0clock+! Working fine now! Learn something new every day!

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Query: Would I be right in thinking that HALion 7 and HALion Sonic both have Dark Planet but in Halion Sonic there is an extra line of (yellow) knobs/effect down the bottom? :slight_smile: