Changed super Clip Length after editing the sub montage

Hi everyone, i am running into this problem;
I am mastering an album with songs consisting of stems. Since the Label needed the exact times of the songs and album in advance, i started creating super clips from the stems and sequenced everything with fades and gaps etc. and everyone is happy. And now this;
When i am now making any change in the submontage of the super clip and save this change, the length of the previously edited super clip changes back to the way it was after initially creating it from the stems. All the changed lengths and fades i did on the super clips are gone, the markers - which i also locked - move together with the change of the clip length after editing and saving the submontage. This completely messes everything i did if i want - and i really need - to access and edit the stems separately.
If anyone knows how to avoid this happening, i’d really appreciate you chiming in.

Not sure, but maybe change these settings:

Hello PG, thanks for the fast reply. but unfortunately, this box was already checked.

Perhaps try unchecking and then re-checking the box.

I have no idea why, but this sometimes works in preferences like this.

That also doesn’t help.
This really is annoying, since it makes working with stems via super clips completely impossible, if you need to change anything in the stems after sequencing something.