Changed VST path - big mistake

Hi all,

Last night I stupidly changed my VST 2.x path to C:\ and did not double check before i updated plugins.
A crash was the result, and now each time i try to start Cubase (5), it tries to scan the entire C drive for vst’s and inevitably crashes.

I’ve tried uninstalling Cubase (win 8 x64) and with Revo uninstaller for a more complete removal, but there must be some entries that remain because when i reinstall Cubase, it still tries to scan the full C drive.

Can anyone please advise as to how to go about fixing this problem?


You can try a registry cleanse. Ccleaner can do it, but there are more specialized tool you can find.

Find the Steinberg App Data folder and delete the Defaults XML file. Make sure hidden folders are set to show. You’ll have to set things up again in Cubase after restart.

Thankyou so much Gump - that worked.

Now to find out what’s going on with the VST’s that got me into this mess in the first place.
Maybe someone here will have an idea…

I’ve tried everything i could find on how to add Toontrack’s Ezdrummer 2 and Ezmix (both x64) to Cubase’s VST plugin manager, pointed to the respective .dll files in their home folders, moved said files to default vst locations, closed, reopened, shut down etc… Still not showing up.
Maybe i’m running a 32bit version of cb5? I cannot remember but now that i think about it, I got cb5 years ago now, so it probably is 32bit. Maybe that’s why the 64bit plugins aren’t showing?

Splash Screen will tell 32/64.