Changes for 9.0

Hello, I started on AI5, now in 8.5. I’m what you call User Friendly. My toy box is full of Toontracks, Waves, Izotope, Steinberg, and many others. My problem is CPU. From a dummy point of view, I would like to make a suggestion. I can’t wait for 9.0 which I will gladly purchase. I have over 500 songs written and recorded. What if we could take the first original tracks, work them over with whatever plug-ins needed, bounce them to a group sub mix, put the original tracks to sleep, now we are working off only a few sub mixes. I told you I am not an engineer, I’m User Friendly. I know this probably already exist, but it’s not User Friendly. I love my Steinberg and I’m not going anywhere. For every one that knows, there are a 1000 of us who don’t. We count on you to give us the chance that we would normally never have. I wouldn’t be here today without Steinberg. I plan on being here tomorrow. My suggestion, give us dummies a fighting chance to prove we have a good song too. RJ.

After further thought and also talking with another 8.5’r, I think we have it. On every working track, Audio, Instrument, Midi track, there needs to be two new buttons, S=sleep, B=bounce. Turn on sleep, and it is as if that track doesn’t exist. You don’t have to hide it, or make any changes to your settings, and best of all, it isn’t using a single CPU. If you need it back, turn off sleep right there in front of you with one single button. For the bounce to work, first we need another selection in the FX channel, Group channel, VCA fader called Sub Mix or Aux so it can be assigned as such. This track will be an actual audio track, stereo or mono, your choice. Once created, place this track in record stand-by, select the bounce button on the desired tracks to record here, the output of the
selected tracks will automatically track to this track letting you preform your mix down task while monitoring through the Sub mix track. When your ready, hit record, and guess what, A mix in audio. An added feature would be to select between Real-time or Internal just like an Audio Mix down, without the hassle. Naturally, don’t forget about the lanes. The beauty of this is, first of all it is so simple. A few new buttons right in front of us make it so simple, fast and easy to operate, and once you have your Sub Mix tracks, you can put all the other tracks to sleep and now you have all those CPU’s for your final mix down. Wow, all those big plug-ins, now you can use them. Thanks for hearing me out. Thank you Steinberg for your hard work. I may not be a Pro, but more and more everyday, you are helping me look like it. I can’t wait to see what 9.0 will bring, RJ.

Are you aware of Freeze and Render In Place functions?

A new WORKING Free Standing VCA feature (fully seperated from the link/group feature).

That is my wish, for both Cubase and Nuendo (why two different VCA implementations is beyond me :confused: :confused: :confused: )