Changes in Full Score Not Reflected in Parts

Writing in Galley View, and all was reflected in the parts. Things were going smoothly.

Suddenly, changes to notes, slurs, etc., etc. in full score were no longer reflected in parts. Wonder if I hit something?

See lots of discussion about setting properties locally/globally, but I’m not sure that’s the issue. I’ve made no changes to that (at least not intentionally!)

Bet it’s my error, and a simple(ton) one.

Thanks for any advice!

John Chester

So have you actually check the properties scope?

What type of changes are you making?

Can you upload a snippet of the project?

It does sound very much as if you have got Set local properties set to Locally; if you want changes you make in one layout to be reflected everywhere, set it to Globally.

But if it’s notes and slurs, those are beyond the scope of properties. So tell us more details and we can be of more help.

Thank you all. Think I solved it (but I have no idea why it works).
I’m still in the fumble stage, and misunderstood layouts when I first set up this file. I created a full score with 3 pianos, voice, etc. just to work from.

Then I wanted a “full score” to contain only brass and percussion, so I created a layout called “Brass Version”, intending that it be a full BRASS ONLY score.

If I now go to the true Full Score layout, I see all is there.
What I probably should have done is eliminated unwanted layouts from the Full Score layout.

I’m still confused about how I got the odd discrepancy between full (the works) score, and some of the parts, but all is fine.

Good program. But paradigm adjustment, so taking time.

Thanks again,

John Chester