Changes in Master Page are not executed

First I created a new master page, entitled ‘Title’ and I added it to every part.
Everything worked fine.
Then I made changes within my new ‘Title’ master page.
I copied the changes from left to right and saved it -> see screenshot 1

I closed the editing window and had a look to the score - no changes in the ‘Title’ page at all -> see screenshot 2

If I add the ‘Title’ page again in front of the already excisting ‘Title’ page, I all of a sudden see a ‘Title’ page in which all the change were made -> screenshot 3.

What did I do wrong?
Thanx for helping

The top right corner of Screenshot 3 gives the clue.

You have an override on this page, and when you have overrides Dorico won’t automatically update that page. Rather than adding the title page, try selecting the (automatic) first page, right clicking on it and doing a Master Page Change that applies to this page only.

Thanx a lot.
I can’t figure it out, sorry. Could you explain me a bit more detailed please what I have to do?
I thought that the master pages are a kind of default-pages. So if I change sth there, all pages in all instruments are affected.
I can’t make the changes anywhere, nor in the parts nor in the score…sorry

Ok…I figured it out…that’s a strange workflow for me. If I made overrides in the pages which follow my ‘Title’ page, I can’t make default changes in the ‘Title’ page anymore.
Hmmmm…why is it like that? I don’t understand the logic behind it.
Why are overrides preventing me from doing default-changes ?

Off the top of my head, the following things constitute overrides:
Changing the content of a Text Frame or a Graphics Frame
Changing the dimensions or position of any Frame
Adding or deleting a Frame on an individual page

Dorico assumes that you’re spending time making these overrides for a good reason, and you don’t want to see your work deleted, so it locks overridden pages meaning that tweaks to the Master Pages don’t alter these overridden pages. If you want a Master Page tweak to affect an overridden page, you can right-click the page in the top right panel (the one I screenshotted) and “Remove Override(s)”. The tweak to the Master Page will then take effect, but it will also remove any work you’ve done manually on that page.

Beware: “Remove All Page Overrides” is not to be confused with “Remove Override(s)”.

Hey thanx there,
that’s exactly what I did. I removed the overrides, created a new ‘Title’ Page.
The big problem:
Let’s say my new created ‘Title’ page is page No 1. I remove overrides from page No 1. The ‘Title’ page is so to say ‘erased’ and my old page No.2 becomes the new page No.1. But for page No.1 all overrides had been deleted, which means that all changes which I made in page No.2 -now my new page No.1. - are also deleted…and that’s not very cool.
I can understand the logic behind why they did that, but IMHO this is not yet a perfect solutions of handling the problem.
Thanx for all your help.

Did you follow this instruction?

Yes…it didn’t work. Especially if I changed frames-positions in my Master Page. If I erase text in my Master Page, everything works smoothly without problems, but whenever I change frame positions, nothing happens, also not if I do the right-click and apply the changes only to this page.

Hey Leo,
a couple of days later, I finally got your point :slight_smile: Thanx so much. Now I understand what you meant.
I always created a new ‘Title’ page instead of changing mt ‘First Page’ to ‘Title Page’…then the changes will happen automatically.
Thanx so much. Sometimes it takes some time :wink:

Great. Sorry not to have kept up, and I’m glad you figured it out :slight_smile:

I would like to add my experience (and how I solved it) with this in case anyone is searching for why dimensions aren’t being applied to the first page. I had made changes to the dimensions of the first page (added space for subtitle and dedication), but the changes weren’t showing up.

It turns out I was only applying changes to the left title page.

Dorico has two title page formats, one for when the first page appears on the left side, one when it appears on the right side. I had been editing the left first page. Then you can click the “copy page layout L to R” and it applied it correctly.