Changes made part layout do not appear on full score

Hi there!

I’ve been a Dorico user since version 1, but this is the first time I’m struggling with changes to the parts.
I’ve always been using it for writing on-score and lately the whole xml/midi import is driving me crazy! I’ve just imported a nice midi track and organised the whole score, but there have been a lot of mispelled notes on each instrument.
So, I thought it would have been easier to just fix the single layouts while having each instrument on screen, but every change I made in terms of note respelling hasn’t appeared on the full score.
Is there anything I can do not to go through the whole respelling process on it again?
Thanks a lot!

For respelling notes, that’s a change that only ever affects the part if you respell in the part, I’m afraid. Respelling in the score affects both the score and part.

That’s hard to know. Thanks anyway. :grinning: It should be possible the opposite too though because it’s easier to modify a part without having the whole score in front of you. I hope developers see this. :rofl:

What would happen if one copied the part and pasted it into the score?

It’s come up before so I know the team are aware, and for now at least there’s that warning in the manual to clarify.

What you can also do (although it’s probably not exactly a slick workflow) is have an extra scratch “full score” layout (i.e. a layout of the full score type) to which you flexibly assign/remove individual players for when you want to work on spelling - that should also update the “real” full score and the corresponding part layout as well. That way, you can focus on just the players you want to at the time without disrupting any formatting in your real full score.

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