Changes made to mixer in the sequencer can't be undone

So I believe this would count as a bug in Cubase.

  1. Create or open an existing project.
  2. In the sequencer, open an automation track for the volume on an audio track.
  3. Click anywhere to insert an automation point; which make the fader adjust instantly to the new parameter,
    and created the automation line.
  4. Undo the automation point you inserted, and voila! The fader doesn’t return to its original value.
  5. Go into the mixer, and try to undo the value-change, it can’t be done.

By the way if anyone knows a way to turn of this option to create automation byjust left clicking on an empty automation lane, please share. It’s been driving me insane for ages! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure whether it’s mixer undo or regular undo that should work for this situation, but there definitely should be a way to undo this.

I was also hoping that mixer undo would solve this. It’s quite frustrating when you’ve just set a good level for a track and then you accidentally click on the automation lane and the level changes irreversibly.


I’d love to see a fix for this. It’s by far the most common way for me to change the volume by mistake. I still didn’t start using C9 (always cautious in the beginning) but I was sure mix undo would be the salvation. Apparently not.

I have encountered the same issue. Have you got Virgin Territories enabled? AFAIK this happens only when Virgin Territories are enabled. When they are not, undoing automation deletes just the automation points and the automation line is at faders initial value level, just as it was before creating automation.

Edit: This is driving me nuts! I’m losing a lot of time because of this. These are mostly the group channels that are exposed to this issue, because they have the volume automation lane revealed in the track itself.

Hi! Someone found solution?
This is really annoying(

O maybe there is a way to set point without chance to move automation line? with some key pressed or smth like that?