Changes not being saved


I started a new project based on the “Classical Orchestra” template in Dorico Elements and when I make any of the following changes to my project, they won’t be saved and are back to default once I reopen the project:

  • Mixer: Removing the default plugins (REVerence / Compressor) from the Reverb and Output channel, as well as changing the volume of these channels
  • Play Mode: Adjusting the height of the tracks
  • Write Mode: Adjusting the zoom level

Is this a bug or a weird feature I don’t understand?

For the time being, it’s expected that changes you make to the height of the tracks in Play mode will not be remembered when you reopen the project, though we do intend to implement this in future. However, you should certainly find that Dorico remembers the zoom level you last saved your project at, and changes you make in the Mixer should be correctly saved too.

I’ve just verified that these edits are correctly saved for me in a new project.

Hi @Enec0 ,
at least what the mixer concerns, I’ve checked here with me and the changes do get saved. What exact version of Dorico are you running? Could you also please attach a simple demo project? Thanks

Alright, thanks for clearing this up.

I just created an empty new project not based on a template and now zoom level as well as mixer changes are being saved. So maybe something is broken with the “Classical Orchestra” template?

I started with a Classical Orchestra template and it did get saved.

It’s not really possible for anything to be any different with any of the templates than with any other new project that you create, because the template simply automates a number of steps to add players and instruments, and adjust some Layout Options and Engraving Options, having started from a blank project.

I would suggest you try making your adjustments again in your project, then save, close and reopen the project to check that they have been preserved as expected.

I’ve been trying to set up this project for the last 2 days and every time I reopened it, these settings were just back to default. So it was not just a one time thing.

But everything works fine with the new empty project, so I will just continue using this one.