Changes to Default Master Page affecting First Master Page


I’ve spent some time recently beginning to get to grips with the Engrave feature Inn Dorico and creating Master Page layouts to suit my taste.

However, I’m having an issue which I can not solve nor find an answer to in the forums…

I set up my ‘First’ Master Page with some text frames at the very top containing tokens for {@playernames@} and {@projecttitle@} etc which all work fine. But when I then go to edit my ‘Default’ Master Page to have similar frames at the top of the page but instead containing {@flowworknumber@} - {@flowtitle@} I return to my ‘First’ Master Page to find its changed this text as well.

Why are they linked? And how can I stop one affecting the other?
(Similarly changes to the First page text affect the Default page)

Many thanks for any assistance,

The quickest way to unlink them is to delete the text frames and recreate them. (The default master pages are set up in a slightly special way, as discussed here.)