changes to multiple files in a montage

Hi there,

This is my first post to this forum. In WaveLab 8.5, I have a Montage with multiple clips on multiple tracks.

Right now, all clips import into a Montage with the Linear shape to fade-ins and fade-outs. With 99% of the cross-fades I create in all projects, I use the Medium Compensation shape for cross-fades. Rather than manually adjusting every single fade-in/fade-out to apply Medium Compensation, is there a way of applying Medium Compensation to all fade-ins and fade-outs of multiple clips, even ones that haven’t been cross-faded yet?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, no.

Thank you, Philippe. For a New Montage, can the default fade-ins and fade-outs when adding files to a Montage be changed to incorporate Medium Compensation?

This is already the case: when you define a default fade setting, this parameter is taken into account.
Well, I did not check for WaveLab 8.5, but for 9.5, but I would think this is old stuff.

Thank you, Philippe.