Changes to parts impact full score

Not a total newbie, and I may just have been unable to find this in the manual, but when I add some text to a part (specifically, “V.S.” at a page turn), it also appears back in the full score, where it is definitely not needed! Is there a simple way to add things like this so they only appear in the part?

Nope. Placement is layout specific though, so you can just drag the text off the page in the Score. (or nearly, in case you might want to recover it later)
You can also use the custom scale functionality in the Properties panel to scale it away (a value of 1)
Still a nuisance… Layout specific text is hopefully on their agenda…

In this case, my preferred method is to switch to Engrave mode and add a text frame with that page turn info (since it’s a function of the page layout, not necessarily anchored to a rhythmic position on the staff).

Thanks fratveno and Dankreider - a couple of good suggestions there. It’s reassuring to know that I wasn’t missing something obvious!

For a sizable project, you could even make an alternative Master Page with the V.S. in the corner and apply it wherever needed, for consistency.

I like that too! Many thanks!