Changes to Project Notepad do not mark project file as modified

In Cubase 13.0.30, when you change something in the Project Notepad, the file does not get marked as needing to be saved. So unless you save the file explicitly, you lose whatever you put into the notebook.


This is known and shady reported issue. Thank you.

It’s like this for many years in Cubase.

It’s appalling that something this blatantly simple hasn’t been fixed,

I am a software engineer, and I’m confident that any developer who was familiar with the Cubase source code could fix this trivial bug in 15 minutes.

That it has been known about this long and not fixed says something very unfortunate about Steinberg’s competence and commitment to producing high quality software.

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This means, that the developer can’t work on something more important for these 15 minutes. And as you can imagine, there are much more these small bugs. So someone has to pick them up and prioritize, which costs another time. And once you start to prioritize, you find out, there are more important tasks to do, so this one just falls down. That’s the reason, why it has not been fixed for some time already.

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Real professionals understand the problems and limitations of colleagues and don’t waste their time taking cheap shots at other people’s work. Maybe this is an inexperienced software engineer that still believes they’ve got it all figured out.

Well, then you hire some more engineers and send a few less $$$ or €€€ to the stockholders. As those new engineers are coming up to speed on understanding the code, you give them minor bugs like this to fix.

Speaking of “priorities“, you prioritize the quality of experience of your users. Toyota or Volvo or Porsche don’t ship cars with rearview mirrors that keep falling off and having to be snapped back on because there are more important things for their engineers to work on.

And even your best software engineer, working on one of your most important tasks, probably has some times when their brain is tired and they can’t make progress on the big thing. At that point, they could probably find 15 minutes to fix something like this trivial bug.

Or, if for some reason, a feature doesn’t work properly and causes people to lose work, you disable the feature until someone has the time to fix it.

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I should also say that I really like Cubase and have been using it since 2011. I am not saying these things out of a desire to be destructive. I just want to see Cubase continue to get better, including fixes for minor bugs that reflect poorly on the quality of the product.

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