here is my new song, made with cubase 11.
Thank you for listening


Good stuff :+1:

More an instrumental than a song my friend…that said, this is a very pro sounding EDM track, good drop and solid bass, sounded spectacular in my studio when played way too loud…luved it…

Hello, thanks for your comment. Yes it is instrumental, my English is not perfect, maybe I should have said instrumental track? I’m happy that you like it.

Cool and good !

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Wonderful. I agree with knmack681, the sound is pro, the arrangement has variety, and keeps my interest to the end.

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Sounds great, and love the over-use of effects on the video - Keeps it interesting, and shiny things always impress me! :slight_smile:

Curious, Did you use any stock instruments or effects?

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thanks, for the video effects I did everything custom.