Changing 24 bit to 32 bit

I have a number of projects I started years ago in either 24 bit or 16 bit. I now record everything in 32 bit float. Can I change the the bit resolution to 32 bit float after the project was created and some recording done? I’m pretty sure I would need to re-record all the audio parts. Do I need to do anything to midi parts, Halion SE, Native Instruments, Superior drummer etc?

Or should I just start a new project and copy over the midi parts?


If you create a new Project at 32 bit and try to import 16 or 24 bit audio into the pool it should ask if you want to convert them to 32. Choose “Yes.”

You can import all the Tracks from the old version of the Project into the new Project. I don’t know for sure if this will also ask you about converting, but suspect it will. Try experimenting a bit to see.

You can mix bit depths in one project and switch it in project setup any time you like.
Upsampling is not necessary or even worthwhile imo.

Agreed, recording wise there is no difference between a 24bit and 32 float file, since the sound card is 24 bit. And 16 bits will not gain new bits when converting to higher. Only when you process them in place you can get an issue. And even that is maybe. it depends on how cubabse saves the edited files and if you can set that up. Rendered files are best at 32 float.
But in the end it is not worth thinking about it after the recording is done. Maybe set up to record 24 bit and render 32 bit files in the future, since HD space is plenty and cheap. But if you will notice a difference?

Thanks guys.