changing a double barline to a start repeat

I select a double barline

and go to the bars and barlines side panel and press start repeat. I get both displayed :frowning:

I must be doing something wrong…

Cheers guys

I’m new to dorico, but I think if you select the bar line, hit shift+B and type |: and hit return, it will change it to a repeat bar line. Is that what you’re looking for?


Ah, thanks. Yes of course, shift not command. I edited my post.
Thanks Dan.

Showing both the double barline and the repeat barline is correct when a key signature or metre change coincides with the repeat barline. The key signature/metre change is placed between the two barlines. Dorico is correct here.

@Chuck Thank you! I did not know that. Makes sense.

Any idea why the time signature flag appears at bar 14?

You probably had a non-standard barline there, and then replaced it with a “normal” barline. A “normal” barline isn’t the same as a default barline, though. Select the barline immediately before the flag and hit delete.

Legend. Thank you.

Out of interest, what would be the use case / benefits of not having a normal barline being the same as a default one.

A “normal” barline is necessary when you’re writing in open meter, because you need some way of inserting barlines!
In Dorico, default barlines are implicit - they’re only there because a time signature determines that they should be there. In order for a non-standard barline to exist, it has to override the existing time signature, and it does that by inserting a new time signature that is automatically hidden. If you take a non-standard barline and replace it with a “normal” barline then there’s still a new time signature there, and it’s still automatically hidden (and it will still break multirests). Just like a key signature with no accidentals (C major or A minor) Dorico has to give you some means of knowing that there’s something hidden there, so it shows you a red signpost.

If you add a key signature (or pretty much anything else) and then decide you don’t want it, you don’t replace it with another key signature, you just select and delete. Same goes for non-standard barlines.

Thanks for the great explanation!