Changing a License User


I couldn’t find any information on this topic so please forgive me if it has been brought up before…

I am a registered user of Cubase 4 since 2007 and have recently been given Cubase 6 from a friend who wanted to get in to production but soon found that he would never have the time to dedicate to it in order to reach a decent standard… so he gave me his copy complete with the dongle (registered in his name currently) and all the appropriate codes for installation.

How can I register his dongle/license in my name now? He’s a pretty busy guy so I want to make it as easy as possible for him.

Please can somebody shed some light on the situation for me as it all seems a bit of a grey area…

Many thanks,


He needs to delete his registration in his MySteinberg account.

Marvellous thank you Scab!

I’ve emailed him the link you posted in reply so fingers crossed that should do it.

Thanks again, let you know how it goes