Changing a track from stereo to mono

New user here coming from Logic. In Logic to change a track from stereo to mono there is a button at the bottom of the track’s meter. I can’t find any type of thing in Nuendo that easily switches a track. Am I missing something or can a stereo track really not be changed to mono?

I tried searching for an answer here, but didn’t have any luck.


It does not work like Logic does - you will need to create a new track.

highlight every event on your track & copy it.
Make a new stereo track & then paste it into the new track.
If everything was recorded into Nuendo it should have a timestamp so you can “move to origin”

If you’ve not recorded things but imported them, group everything on the original track before copying it noting down the start time of the very first event.
Then when you’ve made a new track & pasted it in, you can move the ENTIRE contents to the desired start time.

Try inserting “Stereo enhancer” and press its mono button.

Interesting. Okay, thanks for the replies. I appreciate it.

In the mixer, move both the left and right pan handle to center. Very simple.

Maybe use “Stereo Flip”.
Merge L & R to mono…

Big K

Interesting thing is, earlier versions of Nuendo had a stereo / mono button on each audio track. Not sure why they took it out. Was a handy feature.