Changing accidental style of existing music

If I want to change from Second Viennese School accidental style to Modernist as a result of a change of mind by the composer, when I do this the existing music does not appear to change. Is there some way to have Dorico reset the work done so far? I seem to have read something about re-spelling accidentals in some context on the forum but I dont really understand that or know if it is relevant.

Have you tried “reset appearance” in write mode > Edit menu? Or transpose to unison in the Transpose tool window?

Thank you @MarcLarcher . Neither of those worked, but I am stupid. Setting the accidental style applies on a flow by flow basis I just figured out, and I had the wrong flow selected. Problem solved, and works nicely.


Yes, Notation options are flow-dependant, Layout options are layout-dependant and Engraving options are general. This is one of the main things Dorico users have to know to navigate wisely through the options :wink: