Changing all instrument volumes in the Mixer together

Is there a way to lower (or increase) all the volume slides in the Mixer (F3) together, without changing the form of the “curve” that the slide knobs together form?

I need to do this because they all have surreptitiously crept upwards during the making of the project. Now there’s no more space for an instrument to get above the others …

Press the Q-Link button on the mixer, select all the channels (select first, then shift and last and you’ll get them all) and then drag them all down together. Make sure you de-select them afterwards or you’ll end doing something to all the channels you didn’t mean to!


According to the online manual, you can also temporarily link channels and edits by holding down “Shift-Alt”
So, select your channels, hold “Shift-Alt” and drag your faders, pans etc and they’ll be linked for as long as you hold the keys down.

Q link is a super nice feature. Just started using it