Changing all volumes globally (including Automation)


I think this queston had been asked before but was not sure if there has been functionality built into version 6 to do the following . . . .

Is there a way to tell Cubase to reduce all fader volumes, say by 6db, where Cubase also adjusts any automated volumes by the same amount?

This would be such a cool feature for where mixes have got a bit hot and you want to pull everything back a bit without affecting the relative balance between channels!

Anybody got any ideas?



Why don’t you just pull down master fader by 6dB?

Pulling the Master fader down is the easiest way.

But if you don’t like the look of channels hitting the red then have a look here >

Look at my last post in that thread!

Also, don’t forget about the Input Gain. Each channel has one. You can use it on the Master Bus or each individual Channel.

Not good if you have dynamics on the inserts.

I generally pull the master fader down, but you can also link all mixer channels and bring them down 6 db.

Not if you have automation on them.

Hey, now thats an Idea!!!

Are you talking about a way to turn down the MIDI volume? That’s a problem I have as well. I mix my sequence too hot, and my samples are clipping in Vienna or Kontakt, so master fader at -6db does me no good. It’s already clipped before the audio hits cubase. It would be cool to (you can probably create a logical preset for this) gain selected events up or down by a certain amount. Anyone tried this?