Changing an immediate dynamic adds a new dynamic

Sometimes (I have not found in which cases but it seems that it happens with dynamics that are grouped), when I change an existing dynamic via popover Dorico creates a new one at the same point (it keeps the old one and adds the new one). Is that intended? What should I do to change the dynamic without creating a new one?

By the way: is there any way to attach to a voice a dynamic that has not been created using “Alt”?

Remove the dynamic from the group before you edit it. I use “Remove” and “group” often enough to have made key commands for them.

Thank you dankreider, but I have just checked it also happens for some ungrouped dynamics…

I’m unable to reproduce this problem, Xavier. Perhaps you could attach a minimal project in which it’s going wrong for you?

I enclose a project that this happens. I have had to make some dynamics “movements” till I have found a dynamic that gives the problem. In this example 3 dynamics duplicate when you try to change them. The curious thing is that if you remove some of the dynamics that does not give the problem, them the problem disappears in the others… To give a clue, I have had to move dynamics with Alt-arrow to create the problem. Maybe it is related to the position in the bar. Note also that one of the dynamics is attached to a voice, while the others are created as a “general” dynamic.
I hope it helps. Thanks!
Untitled Project (1.19 MB)

For the first f marking in your project, you have to hold Alt when you click the desired replacement dynamic in the panel, because that one is voice-specific.

ok, thanks!

I have seen that sometimes the duplication occurs when dynamics are grouped. For these cases the solution is to ungroup them, change the dynamic, and group them again.