Changing arrowhead of Playing techniques in D3

Does anybody know how to change the default arrowhead of the new Playing Technique lines in Dorico 3? I have searched in the symbol list, but I have not found any glyph for it…
Thanks in advanced!

It’s not a glyph. It’s drawn using primitive drawing instructions. You cannot currently alter any of these elements, but we anticipate providing an editor for them in the relatively near future.

Thank you Daniel, this feature would be very useful!
By the way, I have tried to use end and start “right/left-pointing axis aligned” caps to create vertical extensible brackets, but the whole playing technique disappears when I make it absolutely vertical in Engrave mode. Is that intended? It’s a shame that they can’t be used to create this kind of brackets, specially with the hooks to the left, that can’t be created in any other way.

Yes, those lines are horizontal in nature so they can’t be made completely vertical. However, we will introduce further features for lines, also in the relatively near future, which should address these requirements.

Excellent. Thank you again!