Changing Audio Connection settings is Slow

I’ve noticed that in Cubase 11 adding a bus, changing a device port, etc in the Audio Connection window is very slow. When I Add a bus or change the device port, I get a beach ball for about 15 seconds for EACH setting that is changed. This can be quite frustrating and time consuming if you’re changing a lot of inputs. Changing settings in the Audio Connections window in Cubase 10.5.2 is much quicker.


I remember this issue some years ago (with Cubase 9 or something like this), but it has been fixed in that version already. It works as expected here to me.

How many busses do you have in the project?

Interesting. Strange that it works fine for me in 10.5.2. I have around 50 busses. Its usually not a problem because my template is usually all set up but it’s a pain if I want to change some ports. Maybe I need to trash my Cubase preferences. I’m probably due for a fresh start but I want to make sure that I don’t loose things like key commands, macros, audio connections.


If you trash your preferences, you would get a factory settings. So you would lose your Key Commands and Macros. From Audio Connections, you would use the Control Room setup, which is global. Inputs and Outputs are part of the project, so you wouldn’t loose them.

But if you would (first backup, just for sure) delete Cubase 11 preferences, Cubase 10.5 preferences would be migrated to Cubase 11 during the very first Cubase 11 start.

I trashed my Cubase 11 preference folder (It was 1.11 GB!) but unfortunately the lag was still there, even with fresh preferences. Video below.


Could you ZIP and attach your preferences folder, please? I would be wondering, if I could be able to reproduce it with your preferences.

Thank you.

Hi Martin,

I appreciate you taking a look! Here’s a WeTransfer link. The zip file was over the message board file size limit.


Thank you for sharing the preferences folder. Unfortunately even while using your preferences, I wasn’t able to reproduce it.

Do you use all your projects from the same template? Is it reproducible with all projects, even if you start with an empty project?

Yeah, it’s reproducible on seemingly any project, including an empty project. Head scratcher for sure. It’s not a huge deal since I’m not changing my inputs or buffer size that often. I appreciate you taking the time to look into it in your own system.