Changing audio devices

Hi folks,

I am new here and am very much enjoying the early stages of the exciting “home studio” adventure after playing piano for about 40 yrs! So… please forgive me if I ask the occasional dumb question… :slight_smile:

I have a Scarlett interface connected to a Rode NT-2a for voice recording but would love to monitor with my beautiful Theorem 720 DAC and Sennheiser HD 650.

From my limited understanding, this is not possible - only that I can post edit with the Theorem by selecting it as the audio device, but not record simultaneously with the Scarlett.

No doubt I am ignoring potential latency issues in my quest, but the sound quality is superior through the DAC, at least to my ears.

So on the assumption that I have to switch between devices when recording and post editing, is this likely to create issues? Is there another way to achieve this?

Any help would be gratefully received.

Cheers, David

The Theorem 720 DAC is not really made with pro/studio work in mind, as it has no digital inputs other than USB.
If you have them both connected to the computer, You could switch ASIO drivers in the “Device Setup/VST Audio System”.
If the drivers are stable, there should not be any problems doing that, latency is corrected by cubase using the latency reported by the drivers. Cubase can not use 2 drivers at the same time, but as a sort of Hack you could use the ASIOFORALL
driver. I would not recommend it, it really can mess with latency and stability.

Thank you Peakae for your response. Just as I figured but the Theorem does sound so good. In my home office, acoustically better suited to voice recording than where I play the RD-800 with the Scarlett 18i8, I have just purchased a Scarlett Solo but it’s not able to drive my HD-600 with their high impedance. So time for a bit of a rethink - perhaps I’ll have to replace the Solo with something a little more powerful - trying to avoid a headphone amp if I can.

Cheers and thanks again,