changing audio file externally - cubase doesn't update!?

hej everybody,

i have a big session going on (1400 samples) and i edited some of theses samples not in cubase.

i created the project with every sample, found out that i want to change some of these, took them out of the audio folder, changed them and replaced them in the audio folder of this project.

so i changed the length but it seems like cubase doesn’t represents this in the project (same length as before but with silence at the end). it seems like that these changed audio files are represented correctly in the audio pool.

yes, i deleted the .peak files 8)

is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
kind regards!


Project window doesn’t display the whole file. This is just a look on the part of the file - always. This is the way, how we cut (and edit) the events in Cubase. If you want to see the whole file length, you have to enhance the event length accordingly.

yeah ok.

but if i cut the end of an audiofile, delete the .peak-files and reload the project the audio event has still the same length but with silence at the end and a glitch in the waveform at the point where i cutted. i always thought cubase would update the file. at least in cubase 5 it was like that…


The file should be updated (in Pool). But the view, you can see in the Project window, should stay, as it was before.