Changing audition volume (Feature Request)

I wish there were a way to set the audition volume…
Sometimes I found out that when I click on notes it plays them loud…
It would be nice to have control over this…

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I think your wish came true a long time ago! Preferences > Note Input and Editing > Use fixed volume to play selected notes


Well, as far as I can see, this feature does not work as of today. At least not with Noteperformer.

This might be worth mentioning to Arne at NotePerformer with the hope that NP 4 can take that need into consideration. It may not be possible; but if no one mentions it to Arne, he might not think to look at the issue at all from his end.

I mean to remember this was possible in Sibelius, but I also seem to remember that it didn’t work there either, so there you go. :grin:

I have tried this but the volume still blasts out. Is there something else I could try? Thanks

How do you trigger the note?

by my keyboard.