changing automation values numerically

Seems basic, but is there a way to scale the value of a automation curve numerically rather then use the mouse?
lets say I have a automation curve on a track and I want to bring that section whole track down exactly -1.5 db. Sometimes I find scaling automation via the mouse at time to finicky. I have to zoom in a look be because the mouse it to sensitive.

You can activate the… erm… the… well… You can activate a “bar” at the top of the project window where you see information about whatever is selected…
Rightclick on the bar at the top of the project window to see a list of what’s activated and what’s not.

If you then select an automation point, you can then enter the numeric value at the top of the project window. There’s also a color code for when you selected multiple automation points.

You’ll figure it out…


I just figured out it’s called “The info line” (ha!). You can find info on it starting at the bottom of page 48 of the C7 manual…

There are also a set of line tools for use in automation!

:smiley: yes the info line exactly what i am looking for