Changing Bar Number Sizes - Yet Again!

I have the latest version of Dorico 4 Pro.

I’ ve spent ages trying to change bar number sizes (font size) but nothing seems to work. According the latest manual info the correct procedure is Library/Paragraph Styles/Bar Numbers (score). I then change from something like 12.0 to 6.0 - nothing happens. The score I’m trying to change the bar numbers an is an orchestral template choosen from the start hub menu - the bar numbers are way too big… (I’ ve tried to upload a screenshot)

I’ve looked at most of the forum posts on this topic but no joy getting it changes.
Thanks, ColinD

The Bar Number font is to adjust the size of the numbers in the score. The numbers in your screenshot are just the “guide” bar numbers in Galley View and I don’t think they will change this way?

I think the only way to change the size of the guide bar numbers relative to the staff is to use a different rastral size (Layout Options > Page Layout).

Hi. Thanks. Managed to get it sorted by copying the layout details from one of my other scores. -CD