changing bar numbers

Something weird just happened.
I’ve got 4 flows going and I had finished 1, 3, 4 and went back to 2 today. (don’t know if this has anything to do with it)
All four flows start with a pick up note, and I went through the same process with all four flows getting them started.
So… I put in the top part (flute), then I switched to the “part” to do some editing (slurs, dynamics, rehearsal marks).
The rehearsal marks (set to “bar numbers”) showed up correctly in the part, BUT when I went back to the score they were off by one! I noticed that the bar numbers start at “1” on the pick up. All the other Flows show the pick up starting at bar “0.”
I went ahead and entered in the other parts, and in the Part view they show up with the correct rehearsal marks.
It’s just the score that is off.
Any ideas?

I’ll need to see the project to be able to make any meaningful suggestions, I’m afraid. Can you zip it up and attach it here? Thanks!

I opened the file just before I was about to send, and now the score and parts match each other.
So you won’t be able to see what the problem was.

Related question: Can you change the bar numbers in the middle of a tune?


Select a bar line and use “Bar numbers” in the right-click menu (or the Mac equivalent of Windows right-click).

I just had the same thing happen again (on pick up -labeled as measure 1 instead of 0).
It does correct itself as soon as I close the project and open it again.
It’s a very minor thing, but thought you’d want to know.