Changing barline to "single" creates meter signpost

  • Create a double barline somewhere
  • Select it (if not already selected), change it back to single barline
  • A signpost shows up telling me that there es a 4/4 meter going on.

How do I get rid of these additional signposts? I have changed some repeat structures and now have lots of signposts showing up … :smiley:

Rather than “changing the double barline back,” delete the double bar line. The single barline should reappear. (If not, you can always add it again.)


To be honest, after successfully applying what you said, I’m not sure if I worry more about the facts stated in my post or about the solution described in yours :joy:

“Don’t worry: be happy!” :wink:

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I’m verry tempted to mark this as the solution :wink:

The situation is that it is possible to add an explicit single barline that is visually indistinguishable from a default barline. The latter comes from the most recent time sig; the former makes its own, new, invisible, matching time sig, and you can’t remove it by deleting the signpost. There was more discussion about this last August.