Changing beaming on finished score

Greetings all,
The conductor has asked for rebeaming, and I’m hoping to avoid doing it all by hand.
Currently, as an example, in the 6/8 measures the 16ths are beamed in groups of 6. I’d like to change the default to groups of 2.
I know about changing the Notation Options, but they options are already set to groups of 2.
I’ve tried “reset beaming” too.
Any guidance would be welcome, thanks
(Mac, Catalina, Dorico 5)

So you want it like bar 2, not like bar 1…?

I don’t think there’s a NotationOption for that. You could change the time sig to [1+1+1+1+1+1]/6, but then the eighths wouldn’t beam together, either.

You’ll have to do it manually.

Oof. That’s not standard, at all. I’m not criticizing, except to say that’s the reason there’s no setting for it.

Could this maybe be a compromise option?

I’m not particularly a fan, but it’s certainly easier to see the beat grouping in the bar. Breaking secondary beams to match the phrasing is a fairly common device with some composers, so it will at least be familiar to most of the performers. I’m pretty sure the performers will all hate it if the conductor is really asking for the second bar in Ben’s example.

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I’ve thought the exact same thing. :wink:
Actually reads better than either of the options in the OP…

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Thanks to you (and all).
I like this option too – however it still doesn’t work. (Notation options → Allow to cross beats → Apply … nuthin’)

(Btw, the beaming I’m dealing with wasn’t how it was input. It appeared when I reopened the score in dorico 4, having created it in an earlier version.)

Yeah, it seems like it can be automatic in 3/8 but not 6/8.

I guess it’s because 6/8 has a “half-bar” and there’s not an option for this. Seems like it would be a good feature request though! I can’t think of an easy way to “paste” beaming or another way to do it other than just making sure you have an easy shortcut for Split Secondary Beam.

3/8|3/8 with a dashed barline length of 0 gets you one step of the way there, if there was somehow a way to “freeze” the beaming like this:

Unfortunately, I can’t think of a way to do this other than manually adjusting them. Maybe someone else will have an idea about a faster way to do this.

Truly appreciate your input, thanks FredGUnn

One could use the “old trick” of entering the 6/8 time signature just for the first bar and split the secondary beams as needed using the properties panel, then enter the 3/8 + 3/8 time signature for the rest of the flow at the second bar and hide it (set the wanted beam grouping in notation options).

Edit: The time signature at the second bar should be typed as 3/8|3/8 and in Engraving options>Barlines>Design, the Dash length for dashed barlines set to 0.

2nd Edit: Even easier The aggregate time signature at the second bar should be enter as 3/8:3/8 in the popover and there would be no need to change the Engraving options.


Great idea, thanks!