Changing BPM at the start and end of a track.

Hi there, I’m making a end of year trance mix for my friends and I. However I have a problem, trance has a wide gap in BPM some tracks can be 128 and go as high as 140 I want to mix it in a smooth as possible the problem I have is the kicks in tracks. As the automation volume comes up on one track you can hear the kick become out of place and at a much faster clip. I want to change the BPM to match the track is currently playing over and after a break, the track goes back to the BPM it was created in.

These are all audio files and I’m cutting off some of the track at the beginning and end. I’ve tried to use tempo detect but that hasn’t solved my problem. I want my 140 BPM track to play at 135 then as the build-up comes and the track takes over it goes back to 140, any ideas how to do this?

In the Pool check the box to select Musical Mode for all the audio you want to impact.

Make sure each Track is set to Musical (not Linear) Timebase - the button shows a quarter note & not a clock face.

Add a Tempo Track. Now the audio should follow any changes you make in the Tempo Track.