Changing channel inserts from PRE to POST and vice versa

I have a strange problem in my Mixconsole (Elements 7): Some channels (i think channels added in Cubase 6 or in Cubase LE-version) have 4 pre en 4 postfader inserts, other channels have 6 pre and 2 postfader inserts (later added tracks in Elements 7)

How can i change the insert slots from Pre to Post or vice versa, or isn’t this possible? (see picture attached)

As far as I know you cannot change it.
Are the channels with 4/4 group channels?
The master channel also has 4/4, so this might
be an answer. Audio channels usually have 6/2.
You can only change pre/post settings for sends.

They are not group channels. Has this configuration from 4/4 to 6/2 been changed between versions of Cubase or maybe between for example Cubase LE and Elements?
I think when Cubase Elements 7 loads a project, formerly made in Cubase Elements 6 or earlier, it keeps the old settings, so that your project won’t get messed up. It think Cubase does this also with older templates. So now i can not change my templates in an easy way. I have to delete the 4/4 tracks and make new ones to get the 6/2 configuration.

I think it would be nice if Steinberg made the insert configuration switchable between pre and post.

Nah, in Cubase 6 it was always 6/2 for audio channels. Kinda strange.