Changing clef in C score while keeping same clef in transposed parts


I am composing a saxophone quartet. I want a score in C while I want the parts to be transposed to the usual transpositions for saxophones (Bb and Eb) with all treble clefs.

I would like to change clefs in the C score (for example, going from treble to bass clef for the baritone going to the low register), while keeping the treble clef in the parts. Is this possible in any way?

I am using already the instruments in bass clef or treble clef one octava lower already, but sometimes it looks better to change clefs for a passage.

Well, I’m not sure this can be done currently in Dorico. But you could duplicate the flow and rename the new one “Score Only” or something and use that flow for your changes of clef and only print the score from that flow. Use the original flow to print the parts. Of course, this should be done after all composing as they wouldn’t be source linked.

I woud expect it would be easier to have duplicate (transposed/untransposed) parts with desired clefs in the same flow and have a separate “Conductor” layout based on the full score master pages that omits the transposed parts. The instrumental parts would use the transposed staves for their layouts.

The advantage would be that in the “Full” (Working) Score that contained all the duplicate parts, the staves could be contiguous so that one could copy and paste from one to the other and also make corrections at the same time (in the same place) on the contiguous staves.

I would probably do the majority of my writing on the concert staves, either in the Conductor Layout or in a version of the working score with the concert staves grouped. Then, after copying the working staves into the transposed staves, I might readjust the staves to be contiguous, concert staff just above the transposed staff, for any further work.

In the forthcoming release you will be able to change which clef is shown when Edit > Concert Pitch is active and which is shown when Edit > Transposing Pitch is active for any clef item: select the clef, then choose Edit > Clef > Concert Pitch and pick the desired clef from the submenu, etc. This should give plenty of flexibility. Unfortunately it’s not available in Dorico 1.2.10 but it will be in the next release.

Thanks Daniel, that’s some good news! For the time being, I will keep the treble clef one octava lower for the moment, while waiting for the new update.

I’m having trouble getting this to work in Dorico Pro 2. I have a Baritone Sax score which I’d like to have as a treble clef in the transposed score and as a bass clef in the concert score. When I click the clef while concert pitch is active, then right-click it and choose the bass clef for concert pitch, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Screen video

Seems you can’t do this until you’ve done a regular change clef operation. Notice the clef doesn’t highlight when you click it. So, do a regular clef change from the toolbox on the right and try again.

Ah, that worked. But I think that it still should work without having to add a “dummy clef” first - or at least the option should remain grayed out as if nothing was selected.