Changing color on grouped items

Some of the work I do involves me also doing some editing of what I am asked to engrave.

Often times, I will color the edit that I made. For example, I might turn the f dynamic marking to a bright pink, so when the composer looks over the work, he can quickly see the edits I made, and can accept them or reject them.

I am noticing if the dynamics are grouped to align horizontally and I change the color, the whole string of dynamics changes. If I ungroup them, of course I can change individual colors. But if I regroup them after changing the color, then they turn the new color again.

Would it be possible to edit this behavior, so the item that is selected is changed, and then if later grouped doesn’t change the others? I am trying to send a “publish ready” version with the edits, and it is impossible with having dynamics out of line just so the color can be made to a specific item.

If there were better markup tools (like highlight, etc.) this might be a non-issue.