Changing colouring of out-of-range notes


I’m having difficulty spotting notes coloured red due to their being out of range - possibly because I’m color-blind :confused:

Is there some way I can change the colour Dorico marks out-of-range notes?



I’m afraid not, Uri, but we do hope to be able to provide greater control over the colours Dorico uses for various things in future.

I second this one. I can’t see the out of range colors either. 8% of men are colorblind, so it would help a LOT of people if we could customize the out of range colors.

Yes, I know. It’s definitely something we are planning to address when we get a chance.

Daniel, until you get round to implementing customization of colours , you might want to consider simply changing the current colour-palette used for out-of-range notes to a colour-blind-friendly one. Should be quick and simple.