Changing colouring of out-of-range notes


I’m having difficulty spotting notes coloured red due to their being out of range - possibly because I’m color-blind :confused:

Is there some way I can change the colour Dorico marks out-of-range notes?



I’m afraid not, Uri, but we do hope to be able to provide greater control over the colours Dorico uses for various things in future.

I second this one. I can’t see the out of range colors either. 8% of men are colorblind, so it would help a LOT of people if we could customize the out of range colors.

Yes, I know. It’s definitely something we are planning to address when we get a chance.

Daniel, until you get round to implementing customization of colours , you might want to consider simply changing the current colour-palette used for out-of-range notes to a colour-blind-friendly one. Should be quick and simple.


Bumping this.

It’s counterintuitive that black and red would be so difficult for color blind folks, but it’s a thing (especially with small/thin lettering or noteheads).

I second the suggestion that in the absence of color palette customization or a “colorblind-friendly mode,” it’d be great to just change the palette to something color-blind-friendly

Welcome to the forum, Parker. We do plan to make it possible to customise colours in the interface to help those with accessibility needs in this area. I’m sorry that we’ve not yet prioritised this sufficiently for it to have been implemented already, but we will try to do it soon.

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I dare add that even though it is BY FAR most important to have this colour customising option for those with accessibility needs, EVERYONE would appreciate this! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Beyond accessibility, us paranoid types need different colors as well. The dark-red vs bright-red for difficult vs out-of-range, slows me down. When the two colors are right next to each other, they’re easy enough for me to tell apart, but surrounded by black notes I have to pause in my work and double check to make sure that the dark red isn’t really a bright red.



You can indeed customise these colours now, in the new Colours page of Preferences.


I swear that option wasn’t there when I posted that comment 9 hours ago.